“If it's true I live in a world where hope has all but died, and if I really have a living love alive in me,
How am I letting it be known? How am I letting it be seen?
These are the signs, these are the signs of life: the love that proves there is a living faith inside…
These are the signs, these are the signs of life: the compassion and concern that make this world turn…
These are the signs of life!”

-Steven Curtis Chapman

Monday, November 1, 2010

Word and Deed

“Hey you do the sign language at church right? I see you every Sunday morning…”

“Aren’t you the waitress at the BBQ restaurant down the street?”

“Weren’t you that interpreter from the conference two months ago?”

All of these questions were posed to me recently. All of them are true, all of them said in a very sweet manner. But let me be honest: I have no freakin’ clue about who these people are.

The church that I attended from fourth grade until the end of August has several thousand people, so when people recognized me, it was normal for me not to know who they are. But, the guy who told me he’d seen me signing was in my new church, where we have a little less than seventy people attending… but I’ve never seen the guy before. The couple who asked if I was a waitress – yeah, also no idea who they are. They didn’t even seem familiar, but they knew me. The one who asked about the conference – I don’t even remember that job except that there were Deaf people in the audience, the lights were too bright and I was precariously balanced for six hours.

So what’s my point?

These people noticed and remembered me for my actions. They remembered that I do ASL, that I am a server, and that I’m an interpreter. They recognized who I was based on my actions.

I think that’s how Christ wants us to be. Every action, every word, every move that I make should reflect Jesus to the people who see me. If I've known someone for six months and they don't know I follow Christ by my words/actions, they deserve an apology.

I don’t like speaking in public. I am not the type of girl that’s going to be standing on the corner preaching about the salvation of Jesus. It’s just not going to happen unless God gives me a personality switch – but I can still be a witness for Christ.

I want to live out the gospel. I want people to look at my actions and words, and be compelled to recognize that God is working in my life. It’s said that actions speak louder than words; if my actions match the actions of Jesus, they’ll be louder than any words I could ever vocalize.

It’s an awesome concept: being the gospel of Jesus instead of just talking about it. It’s a two-edged sword of course. When my actions don’t line up with Jesus, when I don’t represent him in how I live, I’m not showing Him to my friends.

This isn’t something I have mastered. I’m a continuous work in progress in matters of grace and faith. Will you pray for me, as I aim to suite my actions to my words? I’ll be sending up prayers for you, too.

"Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words."

- St. Francis of Assisi

In word and deed,